Middle East Financial Investment Company - Executive Team

Executive Team

Mr. Ibrahim A. Al Hedaithy

Chief Executive Officer

Alhedaithy has extensive experience in investment banking and asset management arena. He held various remarkable positions in both private and public sectors and was the Managing Director of MEFIC Capital since May 2009. He also was a member of the board of MEFIC Capital as well. Now, he is the Chief Executive Officer of MEFIC Capital.

Alhedaithy led the company to deliver unique products and services capable of satisfying the needs of the investors. He also managed and led some of the unique investment banking transactions. Furthermore, under his leadership the company has structured and established many specialized Real Estate funds, besides quite a few leading mutual funds available in the market place.

His expertise in the field of investment management has the biggest contribution in the success of the investment strategies of the MEFIC capital.

Alhedaithy holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from King Saud University in Riyadh. He has participated in number of specialized regional and international training programs and seminars. He also hold number of representations in various capacities with several local and regional economic and financial bodies. Alhedaithy was the Director of Investment with the Gulf Cooperation council prior to joining MEFIC Capital.

Mr. Udoy Chatterjee

Chief Financial Officer

Udoy is a seasoned and well experienced management professional with over 26 years of experience in formulating business strategies, systems & procedures development, financial planning, budgeting & forecasting in Asset Management, Financial Services, Retail and Manufacturing industries. Almost 18 years of Udoy’s experience comes from the GCC region that enriched him with wide understanding of the financial and economic environment of the region and which also helps him to be a successful decision maker. Udoy is a commerce graduate from India and holds CMA & CFM from ICMA, NJ, USA and ICWAI from India in his Credit.

Ms. Khloud Al Ghati

Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Khloud Alghati is a senior professional with sixteen years of experience in the banking and investment sector. Before assuming the role of Chief Operating Officer at MEFIC, she worked with Samba Financial Group and Samba Capital for more than ten years. She also held the positions of Human Resources and Administration Director at MEFIC Capital, and Human Capital Group Head at Alisitihmar Capital. She rejoined MEFIC Capital in 2016 to lead support functions. Throughout her career in the sector, she has gained valuable and diverse experience in the areas of Treasury and Investment Operations, IPO/RI Flotation Management, Business Analysis, Project Management, MIS, Finance, Budgeting, Regulatory Reporting and Expense Control, Compliance and Information Security, and Human Capital Management. Her expertise and strategic vision enabled her to provide senior management and business segments with strong integral support, and strengthened her ability to lead organizational development initiatives, improve organizational culture, and effectively guide change-management within the organization. Ms. Alghati holds a Bs. in Mathematics, and a foundation Diploma in Human Resources from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in UK.

Mr. Shahid Motan

Executive Director – Head of Asset Management

Shahid has over 22 years of investment management experience and his core area of expertise includes investment product development, investment management & asset allocation for investment funds and client portfolios. He has worked on almost all assets classes from Money Market/Fixed Income, Public Equity, Private Equity and Real Estate. He has been in the GCC region for the last 20 years and played a pivotal role in building investment management business in various organizations. Prior to joining MEFIC Capital, he was Director Asset Management at Jadwa Investment , where he successfully contributed towards setting up their Asset Management business. He spearheaded the Islamic Product Development unit at HSBC Saudi Arabia Limited and before that he was the Head of Treasury and Capital Markets at Shamil Bank of Bahrain (now Ithmaar Bank). Shahid holds a Graduate degree in Commerce and Private Equity Certification from London Business School.

Mr. Joseph Hakme

Executive Director – Head of Private Equity & Investment Banking

Joseph has over 13 years of investment banking experience in Europe and GCC. Joseph joined MEFIC Capital in January 2016 to lead its Private Equity & Investment Banking activities. Prior to that, Joseph was the Head of HSBC Saudi Arabia Investment Banking Advisory team in Riyadh, where he led several landmark M&A and IPO transactions (including the IPOs of NCB, SACO and SGS) over the 2010-2015 period. Joseph started his career at Lazard in Paris, where he joined as Analyst and graduated up to Vice-President position. He has advised on 18 successful M&A transactions over the 2004-2010 period at Lazard Paris. Joseph has an MBA from ESSEC Business School in Paris, and a Civil Engineering degree from ESIB-USJ University in Beirut.

Mr. Turki Al Fozan

Executive Director – Head of Real Estate Investments

Mr. Turki Alfozan is a senior professional with fourteen years of experience in the banking and investment sector. He has joined MEFIC Capital in September 2012 as a Director in Business Development. Since May 2016, he is leading the Real Estate Investments activities in MEFIC. Prior to that, Mr. Turki worked in the fund management with several investment companies. Mr. Turki holds a Bs. in Accounting from King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals.

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