Middle East Financial Investment Company - MEFIC Saudi Freestyle Equity Fund

MEFIC Saudi Freestyle Equity Fund

MEFIC Freestyle Local Equity Fund is an open fund which invests in locl equity. The fund aims to

achieve capital appreciation on the long term through investing in listed companies in local equity

market approved by the Fund’s Sharia Supervisory Committee. The performance of the Fund will be 

linked to Standard & Poor’s Shariah Index Index


Terms and Conditions of the fund

Fund Summary

Fund Memorandum

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MEFIC Freestyle Local Equity Fund - Annual Report  2018 ، 2019

MEFIC Freestyle Local Equity Fund first Quarter of  2018 ، 2019 ، 2020

MEFIC Freestyle Local Equity Fund second Quarter of  2018 ، 2019 ، 2020 

MEFIC Freestyle Local Equity Fund third Quarter of 2018 ، 2019

MEFIC Freestyle Local Equity Fund Semi of 2018 ، 2019

MEFIC Freestyle Local Equity Fund Q4 Report  2018

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