Middle East Financial Investment Company - MEFIC IPO Fund


MEFIC IPO Fund was launched by MEFIC Capital on 18th May 2014. It is an open end Shariah compliant mutual fund which can invest in local and regional IPOs, Small & Medium Cap Companies and the companies which are listed in the last five years.

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MEFIC IPO Fund - Anuual Report 2016 ، 2017 ، 2018

MEFIC IPO Fund - short form Anuual Report 2016

MEFIC IPO Fund first Quarter of 2017 ، 2018 ، 2019

MEFIC IPO Fund second Quarter of  2018 ، 2019

MEFIC IPO Fund third Quarter of 2017 ، 2018

MEFIC IPO Fund Semi  of 2017 ، 2018 ، 2019

MEFIC IPO Fund Q4 Report 2017 ، 2018

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