Middle East Financial Investment Company - Qannas Fund

Qannas Fund



  • Fund name: Qannas
  • Fund Type: Private.
  • Sector: Retail, residential and dining district
  • Fund’s assets name: Plaza 1 and Dhiyafah
  • Opening Date: Plaza 1: End of 2015 & Dhiyafah: January 2018
  • Launch date of fund: January 2014
  • Fund Durations: 5 years, extendable by 1 year
  • Fund Size SAR: 117.4 millions



Qannas fund has been launched in January 2014 including two properties (Plaza 1 and Dhiyafah). Regarding the fund’s assets, Plaza 1 is a mixed-use development spreading over land area of 9,588sqm including 50 apartments and 12 showrooms. Plaza 1 has prime locations on King Abdulaziz road with proximate locations to three highways and main roads (Northern ring road, Ryiadh-Qassim street and Takhassosi street). Plaza 1 started its operations by the end of 2015. Dhiyafah is a dining district located in An-Nakhil district in Riyadh city. The Property has a total land area of 9,100 Sqm including 10 shops. The project located on northern ring road with proximate locations to prince Turki bin Abdulaziz road.







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