Middle East Financial Investment Company - Qannas 2 Fund

Qannas 2 Fund


  • Fund name: Qannas 2
  • Fund Type: Private.
  • Sector: Retail, office, residential and Gym
  •  Fund’s assets name: Tihama, Plaza 2and Body Master
  • Opening Date: Tihama: May 1981 & Plaza 2: January 2018
  • Launch date of fund: December 2015
  • Fund Durations: 5 years, extendable by 1 year
  • Fund Size: 112 millions SAR


Qannas 2 fund has been launched in December 2015 including three properties (Tihama, Plaza 2 and Body Master). Regarding the fund properties, Tihama is a mixed-use development consisting of showrooms and office area, made of 6 floors in total and spreading over land area of 2,500sqm. Tihama has BUA of 7,468 sqm including 10 shops and 17 office areas. The Property has prime locations on Al Andalus road in Jeddah.
Plaza 2 is a strip mall consisting of showrooms and residential furnished units, made of 8 floors in total and spreading over land area of 4,800sqm. The project located on King Abdulllah road with proximate locations to highways and main roads (Prince Turki RD and Takhassosi street).






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