MEFIC Capital is a Saudi Private Equity player focused on the Saudi and wider GCC market. MEFIC Capital provides long-term capital to growing companies through opportunity-specific funds that are seeded by proprietary capital along with institutional investors.

Based on the solid experience and commitment of our Private Equity team, along with the connectivity of our management and shareholders base, MEFIC Capital is the partner of choice for emerging businesses seeking to reach the next stage of their development journey and achieve their full growth potential.

MEFIC Capital’s Private Equity team is comprised of seasoned members with solid Private Equity and business operations experience, along with Investment Banking & Capital Markets (IPOs) background, in both Saudi and international markets.

Our investment approach is based on the following principals:

– Establishing a solid development strategy: we will design, in cooperation with the management, a tailored development strategy and business plan for the company to unlock its full growth potential.

– Added-value support to management: our team will dedicate substantial amount of time and efforts to support the management on certain pre-agreed workstreams (such as unveiling new initiatives, sourcing executive talent, real estate, etc.) to help them delivering the business plan successfully.

Corporate governance: we actively participate in the Board of Directors and related committees and we place the best corporate governance practices in our companies including board committee formations, delegations of authorities, implementing KPIs  and reporting channels.

– Corporate finance: we support the management in optimizing the company’s capital structure, securing favorable financing arrangements or equity injections for expansion.

Investment Banking

MEFIC Capital’s Investment Banking team is comprised of experienced professionals with both local and international experience in M&A and IPOs. The team member’s background includes world-class bulge-bracket experience in Europe and KSA and has been instrumental in the execution of a substantial number of landmark M&A and IPO transactions in Saudi.

We strive to build strong, long-term relationships, with corporations across Saudi and GCC by providing a consistently high level of bulge-bracket experience, value-added expertise, focused advice and quality execution, regardless of the size of the company or the complexity of the transaction. MEFIC Capital provides best-in-class, trusted and value-added financial advisory services for all types of equity transactions, including:

– Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

– Rights issues

– Mergers & Acquisitions

– Private Placements

With a paid capital of SR 400 Million, MEFIC Capital has the capability to fully underwrite the capital markets transactions it advises on.

Acting as truly independent advisors to its clients, MEFIC Capital delivers unbiased, conflict-free and thoroughly committed advice to Saudi companies embarking on strategic/transformational transactions.