Mr.Ibrahim A. Al Hedaithy

Chief Executive Officer

Alhedaithy has extensive experience in investment banking and asset management arena. He held various remarkable positions in both private and public sectors and was the Managing Director of MEFIC Capital since May 2009. He also was a member of the board of MEFIC Capital as well. Now, he is the Chief Executive Officer of MEFIC Capital.

Alhedaithy led the company to deliver unique products and services capable of satisfying the needs of the investors. He also managed and led some of the unique investment banking transactions. Furthermore, under his leadership the company has structured and established many specialized Real Estate funds, besides quite a few leading mutual funds available in the market place.

His expertise in the field of investment management has the biggest contribution in the success of the investment strategies of the MEFIC capital.

Alhedaithy holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from King Saud University in Riyadh. He has participated in number of specialized regional and international training programs and seminars. He also hold number of representations in various capacities with several local and regional economic and financial bodies. Alhedaithy was the Director of Investment with the Gulf Cooperation council prior to joining MEFIC Capital.