Announcement by Middle East Financial Investment Company (MEFIC Capital) regarding an update of the terms and conditions of MEFIC Saudi Riyal Murabaha Fund

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IntroductionMiddle East Financial Investment Company (MEFIC Capital)  announces an update of the terms and conditions of the MEFIC Saudi Riyal Murabaha Fund  as of (22/09/1444 H) corresponding to (13/04/2023 G.). A summary of the main updated items are as follows:
Effective Date of the Update to Fund’s Terms and Conditions2023-04-13 Corresponding to 1444-09-22
Summary of The Main Updated ItemsUpdating the Fund’s Board of Directors after the Resignation
 Mr. Raed Ahmed AlRahma as a independent member
 Mr. Abdulrahim Abdullah Al Tuwaijri as a independent member
The Updated Terms and Conditions